Monday, March 02, 2009

NTU’s final year engineering student stabs professor

SINGAPORE: A Nanyang Technological University (NTU) spokesman had confirmed that a final year student from the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering stabbed a professor Monday morning.

The professor at the engineering faculty was in his office when the student stabbed him with a knife in the back.

Prof Chan Kap Luk, a Singaporean in his 40s, is said to be the supervisor of the fourth year student in a project.

After stabbing the professor, the male student — who was in his 20s — slit his wrists and jumped down a building at the engineering block.

His body was found at the bottom of the building, which was about five storeys high. He died from his injuries.

Prof Chan received medical treatment for cuts and is in stable condition.

NTU said both parties’ next—of—kin had been notified.

NTU’s president, Su Guaning, rallied the university community together and pledged to help the families of the professor and student.

He said the matter will be investigated thoroughly. The university has mobilised its counselling professionals to help.

Dr Su said: "The university is deeply shocked and saddened by what has happened... The university community will rally together at this difficult time and do our utmost to help the student’s family, the professor and his family, and those traumatised by the incident."

今早10.30am,一名電子工程科教授Chan Kap Luk在辦公室内被自己督導的印尼華裔本科生刺傷。該名學生在行兇後立即從其所在六樓高処跳樓身亡。該名教授則在負傷後旋即被送往國大醫院救治。

目擊證人Liu-Yan表示,她無意閒見到手臂流著血的行兇者跑過連接電子工程院校(School of EEE)以及科技研發大廈(Research Techno Plaza)的橋梁。轉眼間,橋上不見行兇者身影,只見灘灘血跡。她見狀立刻報警,而她的朋友則跑下樓去查看。當他們發現行兇者的屍體時,都感到十分震 驚。

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